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Great News for Customers of Williams Brothers Model Products!

-General News!!

03/03/2014- NEW PRODUCT! 1/4 SCALE

Lewis Mk II from BB Model!! photo
Our fellow model company in the Czech Republic has produced a kit for the long sought after 1/4 scale Lewis gun kit for WWI flying models! Molded in gray polystyrene
, it will compliment our line up of Vickers and Spandau kits in 1/4 scale!

Made by BB Model and imported by Williams Brothers Model Products.

03/03/2014- NEW PRODUCT! 1/3 SCALE

We heard the cry for better wheels to use on World War One aircraft, and through a lot of hard work, and some trials of patience, and a bunch of hard earned cash, we have now accomplished the second of two missions in making 1/3 scale WWI wheels. The original WmBros designs were all ignored, and we started from scratch to design a truely scale wheel to meet the higher level of scale demand from the customers. In order to do so, we had to split the project into Allied and Central versions, as one wheel does not fit all. So, we researched, and using original Palmer and Fokker factory drawings, designed wheels for each type of the 700 x 100 mm style, one of the most used wheel sizes in the war. Our biggest injection machine was pushed to it's maximum limits, but we did it!

And so, we set the new bar for scale amoung the world of plastic molded wheels, and put Williams Brothers on top once again!!

Wheel Specs: 1/3 Scale 700 x 100 mm wheel

Available with Gray or White Tyres

British wheel- molded in Linen color

German wheel- molded in "Fokker Blue" (matched to WarBird Colors paints)

(all specs are approximate)

Diameter- 9.2"; Axle hole length- 2.3" British; 2.1" German

ABS molded wheel with Molded rubber tire, stuffed with extruded foam rod for stiffness ( won't dry rot).

Axle Diameter- Removable Olite Bronze Bushings, stock is 3/8" ID. A 1/2" ID bushing set is also available separately.

Weight- 18 ounces per wheel

Scale wheel cover decals included with British Wheels

Target design at 30 to 40lb models ideally. Static testing on one wheel indicates it goes approximately 1/2 flat with 45lbs applied to it.

MSRP- $99.95 a pair ....Pics>> British German

03/03/2014- The B-10 Bomber is BACK in Production!! photo

The B-10 is finally back. We put a lot of effort into revamping the instruction sheet to aide the builder in assembly of this vintage kit. With a decal sheet of 17 different squadrons, including the Royal Tahi, Argentine, Chinese, Turkish, and both styles of Royal Dutch schemes!

03/03/14- The Wasp Detailed kit is back in Production!

Increasingly popular engine kit with over 300 parts!

03/03/13- The Lost Electra kit is back in Production!

Also one of our most popular kits!

03/03/2014- The Caudron C.450/460 Racer is Available!!! photo

We have produced the latest re-issue kit of the Caudron C.450/460 racer. Decals have been updated for quality of color and content, and we added a few more details to show aircraft #13 with Helene Boucher's details when she used it to break several speed records. The Caudron was the peak of the 1930's air racers!

03/03/2013- The Laird Super Solution is Available! photo

Following up behind the Caudron, the Laird biplane racer is now out and going to distributors! Decals are updated and corrected, and include some options based on various research. Another amazing racer that inspired the Williams brothers to make it into a kit! Jimmy Doolittle flew one of the most amazing flights ever in the Super Solution!

03/03/2013- The Keith Ryder R-4 coming soon!

We're finishing up the final touches on the R-4, as flown as the Schoenfeldt Firecracker. We hope to see it out by April this year.

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